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The ultimate guide to helping you purge, organize, and build a wardrobe for confidence and personal style.

I want to remind you that cleaning out your closet is so much more than clothes. It’s about memories, good and bad. It’s about who we think we should be versus who we really are. It’s about love and acceptance. It’s about releasing the old, and bringing in the right now.
— Melanie Kluger, The Confident Closet

Hi! I'm Melanie Kluger, and I'm more than just a personal stylist. I'm a confidence builder and your new best friend. Through endless amounts of optimism, over 15 years of experience, and body positivity, my goal is to help you ask yourself the right questions to clean out your closet, and get to the root of WHY you have been in the same cycle for so. stinking. long.

I wrote this workbook for this exact reason. I know first hand what it's like to wake up in the morning and not be excited to get dressed. To know that something isn't working but not really sure where to start. While I have seen countless women in this overwhelming place, it wasn't until I had my children and was there myself that I truly realized this needed to be addressed. I made it my mission to help as many women as possible feel like they could take on the world when they left the house. 

Through beautifully designed charts, infographics, thought provoking journal exercises, and loads of “aha” moments, The Confident Closet helps you get to the bottom of the age old question: 

Why do I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Did you know getting dressed can be fun?

Cleaning out your closet can be enjoyable?

That you can use getting dressed as a way of expressing who you are?

That you can have an effortless and seamless experience when getting dressed?


Each chapter in The Confident Closet helps guide you through so much more than just getting rid of some clothes. It starts with getting a solid foundation that builds up your confidence before you even get into your closet. This 122 page workbook helps take you from closet overhaul to lifelong practices that are here to stay.

Let’s get real for a minute. You are probably here because you know the frustration an overwhelmed closet can bring. You have seen first hand how having a closet filled with clothes that aren’t working for you is effecting your life every single day. I’m so glad you are here and ready to make that change with me. This book has all you need and then some to not just clean out your closet, but guide you through the process of making informed decisions when shopping so you never have to feel that way again. I GOT YOU.


Here's how it all goes down...


Week 1
The Beauty Basics

In week one, we focus on what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. We talk about the things that should be happening BEFORE we even get into your closet.

Week 2
Personal Style, Fit, & Inspiration

This is the week where we get down to the nitty gritty of how to get extremely clear on your personal style, what to wear to flatter your shape for the ultimate confidence boost, tips and tricks for accessorizing and so much more. We talk about learning to trust your intuition when it comes to your style and how to set yourself up for success.

Week 3
The Big Purge

The time has arrived! Week 3 is all about cleaning out your closet the RIGHT way. A way that leaves you feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Week 4
You Got This Girl

This week gives you that extra push you need to get the unwanted clothes to the donation center. We also discuss ways to reward yourself for doing all of these hard, hard things! You deserve it!

Week 5
Organize, Organize, Organize

Now that your closet is purged of all those clothes that weren’t working for you let’s get the space on point shall we? In Week 5 we dive into the best way to categorize your closet, ideas for making it look pretty, and pointers for keeping those clothes looking on point!

Week 6
Shopping and Maintaining

Week 6 is all about knowing what to add so you don’t end up in the same cycle. We talk about when to save and when to splurge, when to shop online and when to shop in a store, and most importantly what to do to set yourself up for a successful shopping trip!


A Sneak Preview of the Book…


Here's what people have to say about The Confident Closet:

  • "Before I cleaned out my closet I felt like my clothes were a constant reminder of how I "used to be". After having a baby, a lot of things didn't fit or looked awkward, but getting this thing handled by myself felt overwhelming. So I read The Confident Closet because I knew, if I didn't, it was never going to get done. The process was so much more fun and empowering than I thought. Instead of feeling terrible every time I tried on something too small, Melanie had a reframe for me. It was more about keeping what felt amazing, than getting rid of things that didn't fit.I also didn't realize how many random things I was holding onto! My favorite question Melanie kept asking was, "would you go into a store and buy this today?"

    Now I go into my closet and I feel like it's a beautiful boutique, perfectly catered to me. Everyday I feel like, "God, I have so many options how am I going to choose!?" Instead of, "Ugh, I have nothing to wear." I also love how she taught me to how to reinvent some pieces with accessories or wearing it with a certain skirt or jacket. It got me excited about clothes I've had for years. Melanie is so knowledgeable about fashion, really gets women and is one of the most warm and funny girls I know. I can't recommend her book enough. It seriously changed everything for me."

    — Sarah Jenks

  • "Melanie helped me sort out my closet, and it was as if I lifted ten layers of heavy weight off my life. I think I released about 50% of my clothes because she helped me to see how much I was holding onto energetically and emotionally, things I haven't worn for 15 years, and no longer fit into. Now my closet only has things that I love and that I currently wear, and it feels amazing! I feel confident in each item because we made sure that I do. One of the best parts is also that I have a ton of new room in my closet and drawers. My take-away from Melanie is to release the old and make space for who I am today. I am going to make a time each season to release the old and make sure each piece in my closet is something I adore."

    — Michelle Long

  • "Heading into my late twenties I realized my closet was a hot mess - half college leftovers and half ill-fitting Banana sweaters I bought in a hurry for my first job. I had collected a few decent pieces over the years, but they were buried under sequin halter tops and 10 years worth of jeans. Melanie to the rescue! Mel helped me sort through the piles - motivating me to get rid of the items that no longer fit or were no longer my style. With her eye we were able to pull out items that I could still utilize if I just paired them differently, which opened up tons of new possibilities! She gave me some tips on new pieces to pick up to round out my new, styled, thoughtful collection. With Melanie's help I can quickly pull together a fabulous outfit! Rather than spending forever in my closet, frustrated that I have "nothing to wear" I head out the door feeling confident and living my life, instead of trying to get dressed for it!"

    — Ali Savage

  • "I had been feeling frustrated with my clothes and my closet for years! I live in a studio apartment with my fiancé, and there is just not enough space for all of our stuff. I had a closet full of clothes, but felt like I only wore the same things over and over because my closet was so messy and stuffed that it was just easier to grab the same things. When I heard about The Confident Closet, I knew I needed to do it because I couldn't figure out how to organize on my own.
    The Confident Closet helped me to purge out the clothes and shoes I had been holding onto, and not wearing. I had so many items that I was keeping because I thought it was better to have lots of options rather than a few key ones. Once I was able to get rid of the stuff that I never wore, I didn't miss it at all. I realized that I still had lots of great pieces to mix and match together! I figured out what new pieces I needed to add in to have a wardrobe that I loved and looked great in. Now I love to look in my closet, because it is organized and I can see everything that I have. And I feel my money is well spent on clothes that I actually wear and feel good in. I feel much more confident in my style which is important since I'm a photographer and I have The Confident Closet to thank."

    Melissa Hoffmann

  • "My big closet problem before Melanie's help was that it was sparse and of the few pieces of clothing that I owned, I only really LOVED a couple items. I am so grateful for the Confident Closet checklist. Now when I go shopping, I know exactly what I need and I can focus on finding those quality staples instead of just aimlessly shopping. I think this will really help make shopping more fun and productive for me. I feel like I'm armed with some fantastic information that I can put into use over the next few months to a year to build my closet up to what I want it to be. All of the resources Melanie has created are helping me to really develop my own sense of style instead of trying to latch onto someone else's!"

    — Yvonne Ling Kao

  • "My style has evolved A TON over the last year and lately, every time I stepped into my closet I was met with frustration. Where do I start? How do I layer properly? Where should I shop? All of these things seemed a bit too overwhelming so I found myself putting off shopping for new clothes because I didn't just need a few new pieces, I needed a total REVAMP of my wardrobe. I finally hit my breaking point and Melanie jumped in to save the day. Thanks to Melanie's help and the worksheets she provided, I got rid of everything in my closet that didn't fit my new style. My closet is refreshed and I now feel excited about the endless outfit possibilities that I have. So thankful for The Confident Closet. It helped me define my style and I can't wait to see my closet (and confidence) grow from here! Thanks Melanie!"

    — Krista Marie Lynch

  • "Melanie is the BEST. Seriously. After having my third kid, my body was doing some major grumping about it. Going from skinny, fat, pregnant, and chunky, I turned to Melanie to get my closet organized and my outfits on point. I was sick of feeling "frumpy" after having babies. I was still wearing the same maternity clothes because it was comfortable. With no sleep and chasing 3 boys all day long, I didn't have time to be uncomfortable just to look good. It was just not gonna happen. Letting go of old stuff is no problem for me. But, it's just finding the balance between comfortable and find MY style that was so challenging for me. Melanie managed to help me toss the stuff that didn't flatter me, spruce up my accessories and help me find the secret sauce to being confident in my style and most importantly comfortable. A few key pieces with the right accessories and it totally works. Even my husband says how much he likes my new digs. Score! Now I only wear clothes that actually fit my body, have fun accessories to make things fun and even a few ta-da outfits when I get all fancy. It's awesome."

    Shauna Bryant


So here is my promise to you:

If you commit to making the change, and you put in the work, girl you are about to change your life.