Pattern Mixing Tips and Tricks

Photo: Krista Marie Photography

Photo: Krista Marie Photography


Quick! How many patterns do you see in this picture?!

Are you a fan of pattern mixing? Does it intimidate you or make you nervous? Do you know what pattern mixing is?

Pattern Mixing is when you wear more than one pattern together at the same time to create a dynamic and stylish ensemble.

In my experience, people get a bit intimidated when they think about pattern mixing. They like the look but don’t think they could ever do it themselves. If this is you, I SO get feeling like it’s over your head. But there are a few basic principles with pattern mixing that will take you from a nervous nelly to a confident lady.

The Tricks of Pattern Mixing

1) Scale - The scale of the print can make or break a look. Choose one larger and one smaller so your eye isn't trying to compete. This works well with a floral and gingham or leopard and stripe. Both of those examples are great places to start!

2) Coordinating Colors - When it comes to pattern mixing a great place to start is with a color that is in both items. By making the pieces relate you are making the outfit look put together and well thought out. Also, if something in your look doesn’t feel balanced think about how you can tie in more of the same color into the look. Maybe add a lipstick or shoe that’s the same color as the polka dot in your top. Things like that go A LONG WAY!

3) Simple is best - When first starting to pattern mix ,try and stay away from a really busy pattern. For example, an overwhelming floral print might compete with another pattern. The more graphic the pattern (polka dots, gingham, stripes, simple floral) the easier it is to play around with other prints.

4) Try it On - So here’s the deal. If you aren’t sure if something is working, you have to try it on. Play around and then trust your instinct. No one will know better than YOU about if it’s working for you.

5) Keep The Fit Clean - When you are going to mix patterns, that needs to be the main focal point. If you wear a flowy top with a print AND a busy printed pant it’s going to feel overwhelming and confusing. Focus on clean lines and patterns that relate to each other and you’ll be good to go!

Ok, are you feeling like you are ready to tackle pattern mixing?

If you are still nervous, I suggest spending about 15 minutes at night this week getting comfortable with trying patterns together. How many stylish and creative looks can you come up with? This exercise will change your mindset and make you realize that you can truly do this!

If you want a bit more advice on the subject head to Instagram. In my stories today I’m going to be sharing all of my favorite tips and tricks to make this your new go-to way to spice up a look!