The Reason Why You Bought The Wrong Thing...


When you go clothing shopping, what do you focus on the most? 

How flattering it is?

If you like the color or pattern?

If you have a use for it?

If it’s on sale or a good deal?

 All these questions can lead to a great purchase, OR they can lead to you buying for the wrong reasons. 

Let me elaborate a bit. 

It’s important to know what flatters and works for your shape, but it’s not as important as feeling good in it. 

Wait… go back and read that again. 

Now let’s break that down. When we are only thinking about one aspect of the piece of clothing, and not the overall picture, THAT is when we make the wrong choice. THAT is why clothes sit unworn in our closet, or don’t make us feel our best.

What happens if you only buy based on fit: Sometimes it can fit us, but not feel like our style. When you buy strictly based on fit it can cause us to forget all the other aspects of personal style. This happens a lot with bathing suits. Yes, it fits. BUT DO YOU LIKE IT? 

What happens when you only buy based on color or pattern: If you love the color of something that doesn’t mean it’s the right piece for you. It could not fit correctly, not work with other pieces in your closet or you could have something else just like it. 

What happens when you only buy based on use and function: Let’s say you are in a store and you see a denim jacket on sale. You have been LOOKING for one! So you buy it without thinking, is this the right denim jacket for me and my figure and style? Again, more questions need to come into play! 

What happens when you only buy based on the sale/deal: When you buy just because something is on sale you are bound to end up with a closet filled with clothes you bought for a good deal, and not because you actually liked it the best. It means you have focused on the deal more than if you actually like it, need it, or if it’s right for you. 

This happens a lot around those big sale times such as Black Friday or Memorial Day sales. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but stores are having more and more frequent sales making it easier than you think to get that deal you were hoping for. That being said, if you can be extra intentional on those days and know what you are looking for, you can take advantage of the sale without buying on a whim and regretting it. 

Does this resonate with you? Which category do you feel you can relate to the most? No matter which one creates an issue for you, it’s so solvable and SO common! So let’s just take a step back and think things through! Am I right?! 

Melanie Kluger