How to REALLY find joy in your closet

Do you know how often I get asked how I feel about Marie Kondo? You guys, it’s a lot. And I get it. She’s swept the nation with her calming nature and promise of minimalism. I also understand DEEPLY the need for a streamlined home that is filled with ease and JOY. So in that sense MAN do I love all that she represents. BUT if I’m being honest (and you KNOW that’s how your girl Mel rolls) I have always felt like there was something missing when it came to her approach with clothing specifically. 

Here’s the deal. Marie asks you to ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” to everything you own. You then only keep the things that do. While this concept may work beautifully for some items like books or miscellaneous “junk drawer” objects, in my opinion, that’s not quite how it works with clothes. 

Our clothes can spark joy and literally not fit us. (Maybe it used to fit us, but it’s been awhile)

Our clothes can spark joy and be falling apart. (This usually happens when it USED to be a favorite and we have worn it to the ground)

Our clothes can spark joy and we may have zero occasions to wear it. (You don’t need 17 ballgowns if you don’t go to fancy events anymore)

So you see, you have to ask yourself a few MORE questions than just “Does this bring me joy?” 

That being said, that JOY really is important and I believe that there is another way to make sure our closet is joyful without involving keeping clothes you don’t wear.

It’s by doing these four things:

  1. Only keeping clothes that you LOVE that represent who you are NOW. The first way to fill your closet with joy is by only keeping clothes that you just freakin adore. 

  2. Take out all the clothes that you have negative memories associated with, things that someone gave you that you have zero plan to wear, and items that you feel like have been through the ringer. Those items are NOT gonna spark joy. 

  3. Have a killer organizational system. I’ve gotta be real with you. The amount of joy you can get from an easeful morning is HUGE. Don’t underestimate the power of being able to go into your closet and easily get to whatever you need. 

  4. Knowing what lights you up. If bold color makes you happy, have lots of that. If you LIVE for cozy fabrics, your closet should be full of them. Have a thing for vintage pieces? Focus on having the right ones for every occasion. THAT is going to make for a joyful and confident closet. 

So, what do you think? What is one thing you can do today to add more joy to your closet? Which one of these resonates with you the most? How can you apply what you’ve just learned instantly? Let me know below! 

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