My Signature Process For Style Clarity (FREE TRAINING!)

Do you feel like you know your personal style? Like truly and fully KNOW IT. Like when you get dressed you are saying “Wow, this outfit feels so ME.” every time you get dressed?

Chances are you may have known it at one point, but that doesn’t mean you always know it. Our style changes because we change and so it’s so important to do a periodic check in to make sure your closet is doing its job so you can do yours. Ya know what I’m saying?

This level of confidence in your style and who you are can only be achieved through asking yourself the right questions. If you want to feel truly represented in your style that comes from a deeper understanding of yourself. And it’s ok if somewhere along the line, things have gotten a little muddled. That’s why I’m here. And I got you, girl!

When was the last time you truly felt your clothes were aligned with who you are?

That when you got dressed you were represented fully in the exact way you hoped.

When was the last time you walked out the door feeling confident, secure, and proud?

If your answer is a loud “IT’S BEEN AWHILE”, then you are in luck. Yep, in luck. Because I’ve created something to get you and your style on the same page.

It’s called The Style Clarity Series and it’s SO good you guys! I have been bursting at the seams to share this with you and the fact that it’s finally here is JUST TOO EXCITING!

In this FREE video style training you will learn my signature process of gaining personal style clarity, which in my opinion is the key to a confident closet (see what I did there?). So let’s learn more about it, shall we?

So often we buy clothes for other reasons besides loving it. Maybe we needed to buy something for a party in a pinch so we just purchased the first thing that was “ok”.

Maybe we buy something because we it’s on major sale. (Is it just me or is there just ALWAYS a sale?!)

Maybe we like the style but not the fit so we THINK we love it but it ends up being the opposite.

Maybe we used to love it but now it’s pilled and ripped.

There are so many reasons as to why our clothes aren’t what we hoped they would be, but to me, without a clear vision of your personal style, there is no way to have the wardrobe you crave. It all comes from knowing how you want to show up and then implementing some steps to

While personal style clarity is important, it’s the next step in this free video training series that takes it to the next level. Once you are clear on your style you can apply it not only to your overall closet, but to specific outfits as well.

This is why these lessons are strategically broken down this way. To make sure that I’m leaving you with not JUST a clear and concise version of your personal style but then you ACTUALLY know what to do with this information.

Your girl Mel wouldn’t leave ya hanging without showing you tangible ways to make it work, right? We’ve got videos, we’ve got worksheets, we got sweet dance moves, and we certainly got positivity. I can’t WAIT to hear what you think about The Style Clarity Series and what your “aha” moments are. I’ll see you there!