Crucial Life Lessons I Learned From Beyoncé

“When you love and accept yourself, when you know who really cares about you, and when you learn from your mistakes, then you stop caring about what people who don’t know you think.” - Beyoncé

If you know me, you know my love for Queen Bey runs deep. I’ve seen her twice in concert, on my desk is a plaque that says “What Would Beyoncé  Do?”, and the song “End of Time” is my number one pump up song that I play whenever I need motivation before a work event, podcast interview, or even a date night. I have been known to tell anyone who listens about how Lemonade changed the world of music forever and when I need to feel motivated, empowered, and excited, I turn to Beyoncé.

But here’s the thing, the reason I love her actually has so much less to do with her music, her killer dance moves, or her ability to be gracious and fierce at the same time. And after seeing her most recent Netflix documentary Homecoming, I without a doubt understand why my love runs so deep.

Beyoncé shows up for herself so we can show up for ourselves.

She exudes passion, confidence, and acceptance. This was even more apparent in her Coachella performance but she also added in the fact that she JUST had twins. There is a part of the documentary where you see that she is experiencing exactly what we all experience as new moms. This part really touched me because I too, have had a C section (I’ve had two actually), have had to find my way back to myself, find my ability to be the mom I want to be, the creative person I want to be, and the woman I want to be. All of this comes up right after having a baby and I just adore seeing that Beyoncé is right there with us.

I also noticed how she truly chooses to accept herself, and everyone around her. She focused her Coachella performance around representation and on exposing the world to not just her culture, but to the acceptance of different body types, personalities, dances, music, and race. She took all of this diversity and put it into one cohesive performance that was wild, vibrant, unique, and yet calculated and perfected.

I’m motivated by what she’s accomplished.

I’m inspired by how she turned her career into something that empowers others.

I’m motivated by how she shows up for herself.

I’m impressed by how she gives everything to anything she does. She’s calculated about what she takes on so she can slay whatever she does.

I’m empowered by her music but more so her ability to turn her art form into a form of expression and healing.

I’m influenced by how she uses her style as a vehicle to say something about what she’s feeling. Her personal style is clear and whether she’s covered in diamonds or in a sweatshirt she’s being true to who she is and that part of her personality.

So how do I apply this Beyoncé energy to my daily life? Why I’m SO glad you asked.

  1. I try to find the balance between showing up for myself and having confidence in who I am now. Owning my beauty, my power, and my ability to do whatever I set my mind to is clearly harnessing some Bey energy.

  2. I am intentional with the way I show up in my business but am vulnerable at the same time. I want to be authentic and open with you guys, but I also want to be able to get my point across with intention.

  3. I preach acceptance of body types and confidence of who you are now and I MEAN IT. It’s a big part of my business and included in my book. Also, I discuss it often when I work with clients because I believe true confidence comes from acceptance.

  4. I try and set a good example for all girls. I am always remembering that young women and girls are watching us at all times and if we are intentional we can start to change the narrative that all women need to look or act a certain way.

  5. I channel some Bey vibes every morning when I’m getting ready. I remind myself that I am beautiful and strong and all the things. Ya know what I mean?!  

As you can tell, this love for Beyoncé goes deeper than just a musician that I enjoy. She reminds me that I can accomplish whatever I set out to. Not only through her music and performances but by her work ethic, the content she puts out, and her vibe of self love and acceptance. So… as I see every day on my office desk, when you are feeling a bit stuck, ask yourself “What Would Beyoncé Do?” and know that whatever your answer might be, you are on the right track.