The Most Dreaded Shopping Experience of All


I remember this day like it was yesterday. In fact, it was 1 am the night before Memorial Day Weekend two years ago and I realized that I had NOT been practicing what I preached.  I had been avoiding. I had been procrastinating, I had been lying to myself that what I had in my drawer was ok. Essentially, it was time to be my own client… and I was scared.

So what was it that made me SO freaked?  

Bathing. Suit. Shopping.

As a personal stylist and confidence booster by nature, I should have known better.  After having two kids, I knew the swimsuits in my closet were all maternity, too small, or from the year of the flood.   The truth is I was telling myself it didn’t matter. That I was above all of the “Look great for swimsuit season by eating nothing but Kale and practicing your Kim Kardashian angles!” media that occurs every year right before it gets warm.  But for me, I realized the most important thing is to find a bathing suit that makes you feel good. As I sat there staring at all of the ill-fitting bathing suits from years past I realized that all of my swimsuits had three things in common.

  1. All of my swimsuits were impulse, last minute buys.  By not wanting to buy new bathing suits I waited until I was going on vacation or had a reason that I needed a bathing suit stat.  So I would buy one last minute out of necessity not because I LOVED IT.

  2. None of my swimsuits fit my current body.  - Whether you have kids or not, whether you are 22 or 60, whether you are self conscious of your stomach or not, there is one goal when buying a swimsuit.  To feel great in it. Everyone has insecurities which often come out when wearing a swimsuit, but there is one thing that is super important to remember.

No one is paying attention but you.  

Ok I know that sounds very harsh, but it’s true.  When was the last time you were on the beach and you saw someone lying on a towel and you judged them?  I mean, call me crazy but unless you live in a beach town where everyone is super superficial, everyone is kind of way too into their own stuff to care about yours. And if you wouldn’t judge anyone else, what makes you think they are judging you? Also, WHO CARES if they did?! That clearly means they are NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

    3) All my bathing suits were worn.  Bathing suits need to be replaced. They are not something that is meant to last you your entire life.  Not only does your body change but the more you wear it the more it pills or loses its elasticity. Knowing when to donate or dump is crucial in not having an overstuffed closet of items that don’t work.  

What is your most dreaded shopping excursion of all time?  The one that makes you cringe, procrastinate and call for backup?  Do you think it would be possible for you to change how you think about it? It starts with planning ahead, not putting it off, and going in to the experience with self love. Also, whatever you do, try not to talk negatively about your body in the dressing room. Promise me you’ll try. This is definitely a work in progress that constantly ebbs and flows. But if you are shopping for a bathing suit while you continuously berate your body, how do you expect to like anything? Trust me on this one, you’ve got to go in with the intention of being kind to yourself on these kind of shopping trips.

So, as you head out on your next shopping adventure, I hope you remember that this experience does NOT have to be the same as it’s always been. And while it’s not always easy to change habits, I always think the first one to go is the negative self talk when trying on clothes. So as always, this is your weekly reminder that  you GOT this!