How To Solve a Dressing Room Dilemma


“Mel! I need your help! What should I wear?!”

This is a text I get several times a week from friends, style blazers, and family members. This is usually accompanied by a long text about how they don’t have anything to wear.

I have to say I LOVE getting these texts. I adore being the go-to gal for these sort of dilemmas. I’m a helper by nature and if I can help you make a decision that’s stressing you out easier, then I am HERE for it! But I do have a secret….

There are a series of questions that you can ask YOURSELF every time you are in the dressing room to make sure you are making the right choices. It’s kind of like having me in the dressing room with you every time as your own personal stylist bestie. Cause let’s face it, I’m not just a helper… I’m a sharer (it’s part of the territory when you are a twin).

So… what are these elusive questions? I’m so glad you want to know more! Let’s do it.


Four Questions To Ask Yourself When Having A Dressing Room Dilemma

  1. How does this piece of clothes make you feel? You guys KNOW by now that this is my favorite question to ask when in your closet with you. It could fit impeccably and be a fabulous piece of clothing, but if you don’t feel great in it, it doesn’t matter. Take a minute and think about how you are feeling in this particular piece of clothing.

  2. Is it weather and event appropriate? Ya know, you don’t wanna end up in a situation where you bought something you LOVE but it’s not weather appropriate. Or, you end up wearing an outfit you feel great in, but you are way under or overdressed for the occasion. You know why? Because then you run the risk of still feeling

  3. Will you be able to wear this piece of clothing after the event? So often we buy clothes for a specific event and don’t think of it’s versatility. Take that minute to just access if you can wear it again.

  4. If deciding between two items, which one will you have more FUN in? Choose that one. Always.

Ok, so after you’ve asked yourself those questions in the dressing room, you should be super clear on what to do. If not, I have ONE more exercise. Go ahead and take photos on your phone. Now… this does NOT meant I want you to over analyze a photo of you with bad lighting and weird angles. But taking a simple photo and looking back at it can sometimes shed some light. When we look in the mirror at ourselves we tend to only look at certain parts and not the entire look. A photo forces us to look at the overall outfit, makes us notice different aspects of our look and can in turn, help us decide what to choose. BUT, you have to PROMISE you won’t go all negative nancy on me! PROMISE!

Lastly I want to mention how important it is to trust your intuition. So often when I get these texts and dms asking for my opinion, they already kind of know the answer. Having a conversation with yourself where you truly listen in and trust your intuition is such a HUGE game changer and confidence booster. My goal as a personal stylist to help you feel empowered and confident in your ability to know what you love and what lights you up, and that all starts from you trusting your intuition. You know WAY more than you think yo do, babe! So, the next time you head into that dressing room, remember to ask yourself these questions, and let your girl Mel know how it goes.