Reclaiming "Cool Mom" Status


Hi. I’m Melanie. And I’m a mom. But I’m not just any mom. I’m a cool mom. Promise! I’m also a fun mom (sometimes), a tired mom, an artistic mom, and (at times) a busy mom. Us mamas are so much more than one thing. But guess what? I think you are the coolest, mama or not. You know why? Cause every woman has so much strength, beauty, talent, and unique qualities. Let me explain.

Somewhere in history, moms lost their “cool mom status”. Since when did moms get such a bad rep in the cool department? My whole life I’ve seen moms portrayed on tv as being out of touch with fashion, completely oblivious to what their kids were up to, and always had the strangest hobbies.  And don’t even get me started on the mom jean (can’t they just be jeans that moms wear?!).

Or what about any Disney movie you’ve ever seen? The mom is either dead or a jealous villain filled with rage. How unrealistic is that? And what about the tv moms of the 90’s with bad haircuts, cat sweaters, and acid wash jeans (and not in the good way) who would always be nagging their kids to do their homework and then disappear to go finish their knitting (no disrespect to knitters, I think knitting is a wonderful skill and hobby).

Forget what society has tried to tell you about moms. We are strong, beautiful, powerful human beings who not only create human life inside us, but we somehow birth them and then take care of them on top of our own healing bodies.  That is REAL LIFE.

Do you know who always loves you unconditionally? Moms.

You know who can solve ANY problem you’ve ever had or will have? Moms.

You know who knew what you needed before you did? Your mom.

So WHY do moms get this rep of being not the cool ones? BECAUSE MOMS ARE SO COOL THAT WE DON’T EVEN NEED THE CREDIT. But it’s time to take that last part back. It’s time to reclaim the cool mom status. Cause I have to tell you, out of everyone I know… I don’t know anyone as badass as a mom.

If a mom is sick, she still does EVERYTHING in her day that she would do normally and then some.

Ever see a mom have to defend her child? You better WATCH OUT.

Moms have superhuman strength. Somehow they are able to carry 2 to 3 35 lb humans up a flight of stairs while they are kicking and screaming. Oh, and she’s still carrying her groceries.

When I first became a mom 6 years ago I had no idea how much it would change me. And while I had to go through a transition of learning who this new person was, becoming a mom has made me love myself and what I’m capable of even more. When it came to my style, I knew I wanted to feel like I was stylish, and I also wanted to be realistic about what my lifestyle would entail. From experience I can tell you, it is SO easy to lose yourself in your kids. Moms are so busy being that silent super hero I mentioned above, that they’ve forgotten to show up for themselves. This is especially true when it comes to style. Maybe this is why the mom stereotype we see on tv is so off putting.

Photo by  Melissa Hoffmann

After you become a mom, you aren’t the person you were before you had kids, so who are you and what’s your style NOW? As a personal stylist and confidence booster (as I like to call myself) I have honed in on 5 tips that will help you feel like the powerful, beautiful, and unique women that you are.

  1. Dress for your lifestyle. After having children your clothes need to be easily washed. They need to allow you to move freely. They need to be comfortable. That does NOT mean they shouldn’t still be stylish.

  2. Have your go-to outfit. There are always going to be those moments when you need to get ready in a pinch. Having your go-to “cool mom” look will make you feel like your best self in no time.

  3. Pick a Beauty Basic. The Beauty Basics is on of my signature topics in my work. I’ve come up with this phrase to talk about the beauty practices you do that make you feel your most confident. They are wildly different for each person but ultimately, everyone has their “thing” that makes them feel great. Maybe it’s your hair, maybe it’s a pedicure. You do you for the ultimate confidence boost.

  4. As yourself “How do I want to feel today?”. This is my all time favorite question to ask when getting dressed. We are not talking about how flattering it is. We are not talking about if it’s a great color for you. We are talking about how you want to FEEL. That’s more important than anything else.

  5. Know your “thing”. Everyone has at least one thing that they know makes them feel just a little more special. For me, it’s bold lipstick. No matter where I’m going, or what I’m wearing if I add a bright red lipstick I instantly feel more like myself, and just a little bit more like a cool mom.

So there you have it. 5 ways to help you reclaim your cool mom status. So you can show up for yourself the way you show up for your kids. So you exude killer mom vibes no matter what you are doing. Oh, and for the record, as you head into Mother's Day don’t you dare forget how incredibly special you truly are. As we’ve discussed, you are the absolute coolest.