A Pop of Color

I know you are scared. I know it feels super out of your comfort zone, but let’s talk about it anyway. Ok… are you ready?

How do you feel about wearing color?

I know, I know. You are having a strong reaction now. You are either saying “Sorry, that’s just not my thing.” or you literally don’t know why this blog post exists. So often we just.get.so.nervous about adding color into our wardrobes. We like color on other people. We even enjoy a beautiful vibrant wallpaper in our home. But for some reason, the idea of throwing on a boldly colored jacket, or a bright pink lip is TOO MUCH FOR US TO HANDLE.

Here’s the thing, most of the people I talk to say they WANT to try more color. They also say, that once they’ve tried it they are so glad they did. A whole new world is opened up to them. You know that saying “You’ll never regret working out?” Well, you’ll never regret wearing color. Promise.

Did you know color brightens your mood and the mood around you? Studies have shown that there is a link between color and emotion. We associate feelings with color which is why we always talk about bright, warm colors as happy colors. It’s because those colors make us feel happy.

Ok, so hopefully now I’ve convinced you to at least TRY more color. Because, there really is ZERO harm in trying. If it’s truly not for you, you now know. But I bet you’ll learn something about yourself, no regrets! So, What does one do to try and incorporate more color?


Three Small Ways To Add Color for MAJOR Impact

  1. Bold Lipstick- I know, I’m clearly a fan. But it’s with good reason! Adding a bold pop of color on my lips is the quickest way for me to complete a look with minimal effort. Maybe you are more of a pink lady. Maybe bright cherry red is your jam. No matter what, there is a shade for you! You just gotta try it!

  2. Accessories- Ok, so you aren’t ready to wear a bright pink sweater, but maybe a lovely yellow scarf will be the thing that breaks you out of your all black situation. How about a small stud that is a vibrant shade of turquoise? How can you play around with it and have fun?

  3. Shoes- Yeeeees! A fun bootie, a pointy toed flat, an oxford.. the list goes on. Shoes are a fabulous way to add an unexpected pop of color as well as giving you a major pep to your step (literally). This is one of my favorite ways to complete a look and add just that smidge more of intention

So, how do you feel now? Are you gonna go for it? Is there some major color happening in your closet already? How does it make you feel? Let me know below!

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