Why "Goal Clothes" Aren't Helping You

Photos:  Merrill Melideo

Ok guys… it’s time to talk about something controversial. I was trying to bite my tongue and keep it to myself, but I’ve gotta be honest. I really don’t think that’s helping you and I really want to help you!

It’s time to talk about something called “goal clothes”.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s the clothes that you keep in your closet in hopes that you will eventually fit into them again at a later date.

So often our body goes through changes. We gain weight, lose weight, our boobs change shape (especially after nursing), we work out and become more muscular etc... Our bodies change, which means our clothes will eventually change. This is a totally natural thing for so many people, but instead of understanding this, we do this thing where we hold onto the old clothes in hopes that one day we will fit back into them.

It seems harmless. Maybe you’ve even thought of it as an optimistic thing. I promise you it’s not harmless!

Let’s say you open your closet in the morning and go to get dressed. You have two sets of clothes staring you in the face. The ones on the right include the pieces that don’t fit you anymore.  For example, the dress you used to LOVE and wear on a weekly basis, your old pair of jeans that you always got compliments on, and a jumpsuit that you saved up for and brings you so much joy (when you can wear it). Then on the left, the clothes you wear now. Some t-shirts you bought on a whim because you needed some clothes that fit, jeans that you used to like but they got a little too worn, and a dress that’s ok, but it’s not your favorite one on the right side of your closet.

Ok, so there are a few issues happening in this closet. For starters, those clothes on the right are getting more positive attention than the ones on the left. Also, there isn’t enough fun happening in this wardrobe. Ya know? Lastly, these goal clothes are not causing any joy, instead they are causing guilt, frustration, and overwhelm.

All of that and this could be so easily avoided! You gotta get those clothes that don’t fit out of your closet!

If you are staring at a section filled with a lot of clothes that you CAN’T wear and the other section of clothes you DON’T WANT to wear, you are going to have quite a hard time getting dressed.

What are those “goal clothes” are doing?

They are:

  1. Reminding you that you you are not the size you used to be.

  2. Reminding you that you can’t wear them.

  3. Reminding you that your lifestyle used to be different.

  4. Reminding you that you have to choose clothes you don’t want to be wearing.

So here’s the thing, the clothes that you are wearing NOW should be the clothes you love. Those should be the clothes you want to wear. But if you are focused on your “goal clothes” instead of loving your body and the clothes you can wear now, you are not living in the present.

You might be thinking to yourself “Yea, but what if I DO fit into them again and I got rid of them?” I know… I get it. But they don't need to be in your closet when they don’t fit. If you are really certain that you will want those clothes in the future, go ahead and make a bin and put them in the garage. You’ll know when it’s time to say goodbye or pull them out and wear them again.

I’d love for you to spend some time focusing on clothes that fit you now, and really making sure that your closet is filled with clothes you love that you can truly wear and ROCK. It’s all about mindset and if you are focusing on what you can wear and loving the body you have now you are going to have a way more “confident closet” then if it’s filled with things you wish you could wear. Trust me.

*** I also wanted to mention that I truly think focusing on being a certain size isn’t doing any good either. I’m a firm believer that loving yourself and your body and focusing on physical and mental health is a balance and I think motivation should come from somewhere positive. I believe you are beautiful at any size and my goal is to help you feel that way through your style. It’s a form of self love and self expression to me. Which is what next week’s blog post is all about. If you want to be the first to know, make sure to sign up for my newsletter here!