The Birkenstock Saga...

When I first met my husband he had 10 pairs of Birkenstocks. Yes. That’s right. That cute bald headed businessman you see pop up on my social media used to wear Birkenstocks so often that he needed 10 pairs of the same.freakin.shoe. The first time I came over to his house I somehow found myself in his closet. I know this fact shocks no one and that you are still in shock about the 10 PAIRS OF BIRKENSTOCKS.

So as you can imagine, I had lots of questions for my hubby to be. I started with an obvious one:

“Sooooo, why did you buy the same shoe over and over again?”

He answered with a shrug and an “I got them for 50% off, so I stocked up.  They will eventually wear out, and then I’ll have more. Also, they have slight style and color variations.”

That last part was said with a slight smirk because he knew it was a little ridiculous even at that moment.

This is way more common than you might think. We make these impulse decisions quite frequently. The issue actually comes in more later. If we have nowhere to put the items we bought, or when we get home and realize, we really only wear the same one pair.

For example, I can guarantee you that Andrew didn’t have the room in his NYC apartment to keep those 10 pairs of Birkenstocks in an organized way. So they either ended up in storage never to be remembered again or donated because he realized he wasn’t going to wear them anymore.

Do you have something that is your own version of the Birkenstocks saga? If so, know you are certainly not alone. You KNOW I love a good “But did you ask yourself this” question and in this case, I have two for ya!

  1. How could this have been prevented? Should I have bought less, thought about it more? What would have made me make a different decision?

  2. Will I actually wear all of these? Sometimes, if we really love something we think we should buy multiples of it. This will ensure that when it gets worn out we have a backup. While this theory can sometimes work, it can also backfire and then you end up spending money on a lot of something you don’t use.

I’d love to know what your example of this is! Join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook and let’s support each other and hold each other accountable!