Are You Having Fun In Your Closet?


Let's Have Some Fun...

Shall we?

You wake up in the morning and instead of being excited to get dressed, you are dreading it. In fact, you are so overwhelmed at the idea of getting dressed that you just wear the same thing you wore the other day so you don't have to think about it. Can you think of anything more frustrating than starting your day like this? But did you know that getting dressed can not only not be a drag, but it can be FUN?! I mean it!!!! Do you feel like you've lost that feeling? It's not gone, promise. Let's chat.

As if it wasn't apparent enough, I clearly have a thing for gingham, navy and white, and bold lipstick. These things make me happy and help to always add a pep to my step. So how can we get that pep back into your step? So many times in our lives our clothes stop working for us. Whether they become worn and pilled, get stains that can't be removed, you change sizes, or the style is no longer "you" clothes don't always last forever. Especially in an age of disposable clothing from stores like Forever 21 and Old Navy. It's not the same thing as in the 1950's when you had a few high quality pieces that you kept for years. 

So how does one acquire a wardrobe of clothes they love, while also buying quality pieces that stand the test of time? It's by asking yourself these three questions when you are in your closet (before you go out shopping):

1) Would I buy this in a store today?

So often we keep pieces that are misshapen, pilled, or not our style. We have worn these clothes to bits and there is so much sentimental attachment we don't have the heart to give it the boot. That being said, if we were to ask ourselves "Would I buy this today?" the answer is almost a deafening "NOPE". 

2) Does this item make me excited to get dressed?

Sometimes there are pieces in our wardrobe that do fit us, that just don't ADD anything to our look. Now of course this doesn't include basics. You'll always need to have a few tees and layering pieces. That being said, often there are pieces in our closet that are just kind of.. blah. Maybe you bought it with good intentions. It's possible you even wear it from time to time and it just never floats your boat. The point is, if you aren't excited to put it on, what's the point?

3) Do I have something similar that I like more?

Ok, so this one sometimes stumps people. Let's say you have two chambray shirts. Do you always pick the same one? If so, that other one isn't bringing you joy or getting worn and probably should be donated or sold online. Now, if you have two striped shirts but one has buttons and is wide stripes and the other is thin stripes and a turtleneck, and you wear them both, then by all means keep them both. Not like I'm speaking from specific examples in my closet or anything. ;) 

So there you have it. Three clear questions to ask yourself that will help you identify if your clothes are bringing you joy. Having fun in your closet is much easier without clothes we don't wear or like staring us in the face. Ya know what I mean? 

With love; from my closet to yours,


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