A Hat For Every Occasion


Hi. I'm Melanie. I'm a hat addict and I think you should be too. Ok, fine. You do you, girl. But can we just chat for a second about the glorious accessory that adorns your head and makes it so you don't have to stress about a bad hair day?! Can I get an amen? I'm not religious, but I might get on board if a hat religion existed. Too far? Never. 

It's time to start chatting about accessories that are functional (aka warm) and fashionable. Because I'm such an avid hat wearer, I've made it my mission to convert as many hat skeptics to hat lovers in no time. 

In order to do this we need to start with your hat woes. What makes you unsure of wearing hats? Well, I did some digging and what I learned from asking clients, friends, and anyone who would listen to my hat rants is that a lot of people feel that hats overwhelm them or they feel "silly". They also ALL expressed liking the way they looked on other people. Which proves my point even further.


There. I said it and I'm NOT taking it back. I decided to break down with five of the most common hat types and who they work for to make you hat-confident. 


The pom pom beanie- Let's face it, this hat is a winter staple. It evokes cozy, warmth, and works on almost every head shape due to it's soft knit fabrication. Choose a color that is different from your hair color yet neutral enough to pair with lots of different pieces. 


Slaying the Hat Game

is totally your new job. 

The Wide Brimmed Felt Hat - This style of hat works beautifully on bohemian goddesses, funky glamsters, and everything in between. It can be dressed up for date night, or worn with a winter coat for a walk in the city. These hats usually come in s/m/l so make sure you've checked your size. 

*** This is a common misconception about people that don't think hats work on them! If hats tend to be too big or too small, always check the sizing as well as go for a knit hat or hat with stretch.

The Beret - I have always had a love affair with France even though I've never been. Don't worry, it's on the bucket list. This hat has that easy French style that can dress up even a basic tee and jeans. It adds an effortless style that screams style maven. This is one of my favs, so I have one in black, white, and taupe (yes they all feel necessary and I've probably thought more about this than any one person should). 

The Fedora - This style was originally for men in the 1920's and has had many evolutions over the years. Widely popular in the 1940's and 50's they never went out of style. Women's fedoras usually have a wider brim and are worn more casually. I love wearing mine with a casual dress and booties for an autumnal inspired look. 

The Baseball Cap - While I'm not a huge traditional baseball cap wearer, I do love the playful nature of a more feminine baseball cap like this two toned one. I also adore the leather trend that adds a mix of tomboy meets stylista. This is a great look for someone who wears a lot of altheisure but wants to elevate their look. 

When I reached out on FB and Instagram about everyone's hat woes, the answers were all quite similar. This made me realize that there really consisitencies when it comes to the reasons behind wearing a hat vs. not wearing a hat. I talked all about it in my newsletter which is exclusive content for people on my mailing list. Speaking of which, are you on the list? To get on it, add your email below this post! You'll be getting exclusive content and be the first to know about upcoming projects.

XO, Melanie

BLOUSE, Assorted hats from my own collection 

Photography - ROSA DELGADO


Melanie Kluger