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Let's Talk Turtlnecks

Time to layer...

It's officially my favorite time of year. LAYERING SEASON. Is that a thing? It is here at Head Over Heels with Melanie. I view layering and accessorizing as a way to show your personality and style. While in the Summer it's all flowy sundresses and swimsuits, the Fall and Winter gives us an opportunity to wear scarves, jackets, and to LAYER our tops. I'm not even kidding when I tell you this stuff makes me giddy. Giddy, you guys. Giddy. 

For today, I wanted to chat about a classic piece that can be reinvented. Drumroll please.... THE TURTLENECK. The turtleneck can get a bad rep and I'm here to change that. People don't always view it as a cool or hip piece of clothing probably due to the higher neckline and the fact that it's been around for ages. But, that's what I love about it. It's not going out of style anytime soon, so you can invest in one that will stand the test of time. I find them to be stylish, sleek, and versatile. So, how do we change it up and have it reach it's full potential? By LAYERING! Below are my three favorite ways to funk up that prep, stay warm, and most importantly, to add some texture and uniqueness to your look. 

Three Ways to Layer a Turtleneck with Style


One of the number one complaints I hear from my Style Blazers (aka the amazing ladies in my private FB group, who take The Confident Closet, or follow me on social media) is that they have a closet full of clothes and yet they feel they have nothing to wear. I know. I know. It's been heard so many times (even on this blog I mention it quite often), but it's so true and such an epidemic. While I believe there are a lot of ways to fix this dilemma, the one I want to talk about today is being creative with the pieces you do currently have hanging in your wardrobe. We are quick to buy new clothes, but if we can reinvent the old, we will truly have functioning closet. #goals

I chose a striped tissue turtleneck from J.Crew for this post because:

1) I have this thing for stripes. Some call it an obsession, but I call it a healthy obsession. Big difference.

2) It's thin enough to layer easily under a sweater or button down without being bulky. I like to consider something like this an interesting basic. It's got something extra going on but can be mixed and matched easily. 

3) It's affordable. Ain't nothing wrong with not breaking the bank.

4) The color palette is versatile yet striking, making for visual interest. 

Look One - Pattern Play and Mustard


When it comes to layering your tops. make sure you aren't limiting yourself to just sweaters, cardigans, or jackets. Having a peek of the turtleneck from under this plaid button down adds something fresh and unexpected. 

Let's have a chat about pattern play, shall we? While I can understand it's daunting, if it intrigues you, I want to give you a little push to TRY it on. The best way to see if you like it is to just throw it on at home and see it on you. 

There is no harm in trying on a combination that scares you. The only way to elevate your wardrobe is by stepping out of your comfort zone and remembering to have fun.

*** Over the next few weeks I'll be diving into pattern play a little more. So make sure you are following me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK if you want some added tips to play with pattern.

Look Two - Throw a Vest on It  


Ah, black and red. Such a match made in Christmas heaven. When it comes to layering, a vest is a fantastic way to add multiple pieces without too much bulk. If you live somewhere that doesn't get super cold, a vest will be your layering bestie. Add it over a long sleeve tee, chambray shirt, or even a t-shirt dress. Once again, I'm a pattern play junkie so these stripes and plaid were a no brainer for me. The trick here is to have a solid bottom to keep things in check. What I love about this look is that each piece has a more traditional and classic nature on their own, but combined adds for something a bit quirkier. I also mixed in coordinating pieces like these black jeans and my favorite new white watch for a head to toe look that feels fresh and put together. 

Look 3 - When Vintage Meets Modern


I adore that the turtleneck in this look is actually a huge part of what makes this outfit special. While it can be an added detail in some looks, I also adore when it has a leading roll. This trendy black sweater is voluminous and striking which makes for a killer mix with our turtleneck. These two together are a match made in layering heaven. I had so much fun with the juxtaposition of the modern lines and vintage sensibility. I'm also wearing 1950's earrings from my trip to Palm Springs, sleek flats, and my favorite affordable dark skinnies. I was channeling my inner Twiggy for this look and I'm certainly moving and grooving. 

When you think of a turtleneck, are you into layering or keeping it simple? I'd love for you to take a moment and think of one way you can reimagine a classic piece in your wardrobe. Can you come up with 3 new ways to wear it so it feels like something new? It's time to get inspired and start layering!

XO, Melanie

Photography - ROSA DELGADO


Look One - TURTLENECKBUTTON DOWNSKIRT, Purse (Banana Republic last year), HEELS 


Look Three - SWEATERJEANS, Flats (cole haan from last year)

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