The Anatomy of a Holiday Outfit


This past Sunday I had the pleasure of hosting an event at my local J Crew! J Crew has been my go-to store for years so I was thrilled to be there, not only selling my book, The Confident Closet but helping shoppers find the perfect holiday look. I mean, just look at my face in the above photo, I couldn’t be happier to be there.

As always, I adore getting to chat with you in person about your closet, clothing woes, and how we can get you feeling more confident. Here are a few more pics from this fantastic event! It truly was a blast.


With holiday party season upon us, whether your party is casual or dressy, chances are you have some events to go to, and an outfit to plan. Am I right?! So I decided to bring a hand out to the event called “The Anatomy of a Holiday Outfit”. It breaks it down so you can go from overwhelmed to stylish, seamlessly. Because I’m a sharer and I thought this could be helpful for you as well, I wanted to include it here. If you’d like to download your own copy, go ahead and click here.

Here it is below!

And if you follow me on Instagram then you already saw in my stories that before the event I took my daughter Zoe to The Nutcracker. We went with friends and the look on her face when the scenery started to move was priceless. I’m such a sucker for this stuff! It was a busy day, but not so busy that I couldn’t get ready with everyone on Instagram stories. Did you see? My outfit for The Nutcracker and the J Crew event was put together using my hand out and I made sure to add something cozy, a fun pattern, and of course, I some bold color and pattern because that’s just how I roll.


If you are heading to a holiday party, just remember you can still be you. If you aren’t a lover of sparkles, don’t wear the shiniest thing you can find. If you don’t love red, choose a different color. Everything is a guideline and the ultimate goal is for you to feel your absolute best. So check in with yourself and ask “How do I feel in this?” and you will make the right choice. Happy outfit planning!