It's Time to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Photos by Merrill Melideo

Photos by Merrill Melideo


I always associate Thanksgiving with feeling cozy. Maybe it’s because it’s that time of year where we need to bust out more layers, maybe it’s because eating Turkey makes me want to curl up on the couch and take a nap. Either way, when I think of Turkey Day, I am instantly transported to that warm and comfortable feeling. Which brings me to today’s post about comfort zones. See what I did there? I’m smooth with the transitions, huh?

Do you consider yourself adventurous with your style? If you don’t, is it because you know what you like or because you DON’T know what you like? Your personal style comfort zone can be holding you back from really having fun in your closet and I don’t want that for you! Let’s chat.

First, I want to identify what a personal style comfort zone is. This is where you feel comfortable with what you shop for and what you wear. It’s the place where you list allllll the things you like and don’t like and then decide not to veer from it. Let’s imagine someone is talking to you about shopping. Do you find yourself open to trying new things or saying things like “I can’t wear pink.” or “I only wear v necks. No exceptions.”? I do think it’s important to know what you like, but if you are completely rigid and not flexible, you are MISSING OUT.

If you have been following me for a long time (if you just found me, hey babe!) then you know how important I think it is to enjoy getting dressed. If you are naysaying everything new and different that doesn’t sound very fun does it?

So now that we have established why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone, I want to mention a few surefire ways to ensure you are trying new things in a healthy way.

  1. Try new necklines and silhouettes. While it’s FABULOUS to know what makes you feel great, it’s also important to try something that is new every once in awhile.

  2. Be open to all colors. I know, I know. Some of you are going to yell at me for this one. While I totally understand that you might be a “winter” or that some colors bring out your eyes more, I truly want you to think about the last time you tried a color that was unexpected for you. It doesn’t have to be an entire dress. You can start small but just make sure you are challenging yourself.

  3. Ignore the size on the tag. You KNOW you’ve been there. You’ve decided that you are a certain size so when a particular piece doesn’t work in your set size you immediately don’t want to try it in another size. Let it go and try on whatever size will look the best for this particular piece. If you want to hear more about how arbitrary sizes are, check out my article in the Huffington Post here.

  4. Be open to different price points. This one is a bit controversial and it goes both ways. Whether you are a big spender or a big saver it’s a great idea to allow items to surprise you in different price points.

So what is something that you would consider IN your comfort zone and something that you are nervous to try because it’s OUT of your comfort zone? Join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook and let’s get chatting!

Melanie Kluger