Do You Really Like That?


Hey Style Blazers!

Two nights ago, I went to get dressed for date night and I grabbed an item that I used to call “my sexy dress”.  It got this amazing nickname for obvious reasons. I felt sexy in it. So when I put it on, I was surprised to realize… I didn’t like it anymore.  That’s when I had the epiphany that I don’t think I’ve liked this dress for a long time.

Why was it still in my closet?!?

The answer may surprise you.  Sometimes we have things that we used to love and even if we stop wearing it, we don’t always remember that we don’t like it anymore.  I know that sounds funny, but it is SO true. Trends change, your lifestyle changes, even your body changes… your favorite clothing items will change too.  You have to ask yourself:

“Do I really like this NOW, or did I just USED to like it?”

Now, there are going to be pieces that stand the test of time over years.  We call these items staples or investment pieces. These are non trendy items that are well made and are often in our closet for years.  Even if you have a lot of classic, well made items in your closet, you may still decide you are “over it”.

So, how do we know when it’s time to let our OLD favorite items go, to make room for our NEW ones?

  1. If it’s worn. Sometimes, it’s time to let one of your favesies (as I like to call it) go.  This can be a challenge when we REALLY love something and we know it’s no longer made in the store.  Chances are, if your favorite sweater has holes, stains and pills, no matter HOW much you once loved it, you are gonna need to find a new favorite sweater.  Sigh… I know it’s hard but it’s gotta happen, girl!

  2. If every time we try it on, we take it right off. Your favesie is supposed to be something that is tried and true.  Something that you KNOW you love and look good in. If it no longer is “doing it” for you, you have already found your replacement.  You just need to look at your old fave as a memory not a current go-to item.

  3. If it feels dated. I used to have these two shirts… they are from college and I loved them.  I used to think they were THE COOLEST. One is a vintage McDonalds and talks about filet o fish on the back.  Um… I have never eaten a filet o fish. Actually, I haven't eaten McDonalds since college. So, I know the reason I’m not wearing it.  So why did I have it for so long? I think for awhile I thought it was worth something. Who knows!? All I know is I had to make the decision that it wasn’t worth anything to ME.

The hardest part of purging clothes is this feeling that we are never going to get anything like it.   That replacing it is impossible. Here’s the deal, you don’t need to replace it with the same thing.  You need to replace how it makes you FEEL.  The goal is to feel hot, sexy, confident, amazing, wonderful and fantastic in your clothes.  These old favesies are not doing the trick anymore. Instead of viewing it as a bad thing, try viewing it as an exciting thing!  I’m giving you an excuse to go shopping! Woot Woot!

Moments like this are why I created my book. I want to help you get to the bottom of why you are holding onto things that are just taking up SO much room in your closet. If you are ready to declutter and get clear on what you love, I’d love for you to check out my new book, The Confident Closet. It’s filled with the right questions to ask yourself to purge your clothes and replace them with clothes you love. Check it out here.

With love; from my closet to yours,


Photos by Merrill Melideo