Everybody's Talking 'Bout a Fresh Start


Here is where to start 

When even the idea of cleaning out your closet is overwhelming...

When you think about the New Year, it's kind of hard to not think of it as a clean slate. That's a good thing in theory but sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to begin. It's not that I necessarily think I do a terrible job at everything but all of a sudden New Year's Day comes around and I feel like I'm nitpicking at everything that I could possibly work on and let's just say... it's not pretty. Please tell me I'm not the only one that goes down a shame spiral of resolutions?? That being said I truly do love the idea of a New Year, a fresh start, and goals of working on a happier and more confident life. 

So, all of that is to say, where DO you start? For me, it starts with the home. It starts with your environment. If your closet, is a mess and filled with clothes you hate, it truly is hard to navigate every other aspect of your life with ease. So it's clear now that we have to take our first step. But it still feels so BIG. Such a huge undertaking! Especially right after the holidays when we may have had some extra christmas cookies and spent a little too much money. Which is why I want you to start small. I have three small changes you can make that will get you on the right foot. Tackle the big guy later... you know... with The Confident Closet (my online course that helps you clean out your closet and enjoy it in the process. wink wink). For now, let's start with a few small basics that will have a big impact. Promise. 

Three Small Things You Can Do NOW That Will Get You Started On That Big Closet

1) Pick one drawer. That's right. Start with one small space. Maybe for you it's not a drawer, it's shoes, or scarfs etc. But just choose one. When we "chunk it down" (as I endearingly like to call it) it no longer feels as overwhelming. Pick a drawer or area in your closet that has been bugging you and start there. For example, our underwear drawers ALWAYS get neglected. Finding a system that works to organize your bras and underwear and keep them neat is a great place to start. The foundation of your outfit starts with what's underneath. 

Another thing to remember is that once you get going sometimes it's easier to continue. So maybe you start by cleaning out one drawer and then it seems easier to do the one below. And suddenly you've cleaned out your whole dresser. Sweet!

2) Clean out your purse. Your purse ends up being a catch-all, and then sometimes even a garbage can if you eat on the go or have kids. Since you use it so often, and are constantly needing to know where things are, a purse is a great place to see an instant change. Seeing the results will make you more eager to get started on other items in your home.

HOH Tip- Start by taking EVERYTHING out of your bag. Chances are you'll need to dump some things out, and it's always a good idea to see what you've been carrying around so you can truly make sure it's something you need. 

3) Get clear on your style. Maybe you aren't ready to get into the nitty gritty yet. Gaining clarity is a crucial and overlooked step when it comes to cleaning out your closet. Head over to Pinterest and create a new board called "My Style NOW". It'll be easy to notice trends and things you are gravitating towards this way. Then ask yourself if your current closet is representing that style. By doing this first, you will be able to make decisions on whether or not to keep something in your closet much quicker. 

There is another piece to this puzzle which is that you need to make sure the styles you like on Pinterest work on your body type, but that's for another post my friend. =) 


Ok, so now that we 

know what to do. It's time to do it!

Ok! So you have your much smaller task and it feels way more manageable right? Let's do a happy dance! (embarrassing happy dance pictured above). So get going and let me know how it works out for ya? Did you get motivated? Was seeing the results helpful? I want to know! You can comment below or find me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know how it went!



All Photos by the talented: Rosa Delgado Photography