Ten Ways to Declutter Your Closet Without Touching Your Clothes

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Happy Monday Style Blazer!

When people think "I've got to clean out my closet" they don't think about all the random stuff that's been accumulating in drawers, on shelves in closets and on the floor in a corner.  It's these small little things that add up to a big problem.  It happens to everyone, but it doesn't need to STAY like that.  Doing periodic checks in those hidden areas for things that snuck up on you is a great way to make sure your closet stays clutter free.  What are those "things" I'm talking about?  Here are the top 10 things that are in your drawers and closet that you can get rid of IMMEDIATELY for a quick closet cleanout without ever touching your clothes.

1) Hair Ties - They get everywhere yet you never have one when ya need one?!  WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?!

2) Bra Straps - When was the last time you actually used one of those bra straps that you are saving since the year of the flood? Does that saying date me?!  #iveturnedintomygrandma #itscoolshesawesome

3) Empty Shoe Boxes - Nope.  You aren't going to need it later.

4) Broken Sunglasses - Sigh... it's so sad but if they have been sitting in a drawer for a year and you don't plan to take them to get fixed ya gotta let it go.

5) Single Socks  This one is hard but how long have you been waiting to find the match?!

6) Wire hangers from the Dry Cleaners - They are terrible to store clothes on! Also, they are ugly.  There, I said it!

7) Broken Hangers - There is more where that came from and no you can't fix it / it's not worth fixing.

8) Small Boxes that Jewelry Comes In -  Unless you plan on storing all your jewelry in those boxes (Don't do that... but more on that later!) these just build up and build up and never get used.

9) Tags - Sometimes when we are in a rush we take the tag off of something and it doesn't end up in the trash but in a drawer.  Cleaning that up will instantly make the space look cleaner.

10) Makeup Past Expiration -  Don't just buy new, but dump the old!

How many are you guilty of?!  Small boxes for jewelry and the extra bra straps are two that I used to ALWAYS have way to many of.  Thinking outside the box on how you can get a handle on that big ol closet of yours is the first step in feeling like it's clean, organized and a joy to get dressed in.  Have any more?!  Comment below!  I'd love to hear them! 

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With love; from my closet to yours,