The No Brainer Uniform


What if you could wake up, walk into your closet and know exactly what you were going to wear?  If you knew when you put on that outfit that you were gonna feel so.damn.good.  It would start your day in the best way right?!

Lately I've been toying with this idea of how to create something that makes me feel great, that is special and unique but also a no brainer.  What I've come up with is what I'm calling "my no brainer uniform".  Now before you start groaning, I want you to take a moment and hear me out.  I'm not saying to wear the same exact shirt with the same exact pants.  I am also not saying to take the fun out of outfit planning.  I mean, that's my favorite past time.  What I am saying is to simplify and analyze what makes an outfit work for you so that in a pinch you feel confident.  In classic Melanie fashion, I've broken it down for you into three questions. 


Three Questions To Reach Your No Brainer Uniform Goals 

1) What makes me feel confident/what do I want to minimize?

When you are in your closet, I always think it's important to be real with yourself.  Lying to yourself about things you SHOULD wear doesn't get you anywhere.  So sometimes we have to ask questions like "What style makes me feel good?"  I do know that this can be tricky and I want you to love your body and own your style, and that means wearing clothes to show your body off.  BUT only if when you actually wear those pieces you feel confident.  If you tell yourself "Girl, just love those hips and wear a pencil skirt."  But you secretly are self concious the whole time?  Well, that's not really working for ya is it?!

For me, if I'm being fully honest with myself (and you guys, why is it SO hard to be honest with ourselves?) I feel the most confident when I'm wearing something that is loose around my midsection and shows off my legs.  That's just what I feel best in.  Do I own shirts that are more fitted.  Of course.  And I tell myself "Mel, you should rock this!"  But then there is the reality.  I wear it every 6 months when I'm feeling extra zesty. I want items that I wear weekly.  

***I will say that there is a fine line here.  If you wear clothes that are too oversized you end up looking larger than you actually are.  A shirt that doesnt cling to my midsection makes me feel way more confident on the daily.  Ya feel me?

2) What fully represents my style?  

I find that a lot of my clients have clothes in their closets that they bought because they are flattering, not because they actually liked the style of them.  So here they are, wearing a dress that technically looks good on them, but in reality they are still self conscious because it's not their style.  

The ideal outfit is equal parts cool and flattering.

What do I mean by this?  I mean that what makes you feel cool is just as important as what makes you feel like you are flattering your body.  It really needs to be both or you run the risk of feeling self conscious. 


3) How do I need my clothes to function for my lifestyle?  

If you have clothes that you LOVE but they don't fit into your lifestyle, are you still aren't going to wear it?  For example, I used to own a ton of cute dresses from my days as a bridal consultant.  I loved wearing dresses and heels and loads of accessories.  That is just not what my life calls for now.  What do I need now?  FUNCTION.  I need to be able to bend down, run, pick up one or two children from the floor, get dirty and look cute doing it.  I also was nursing for a long time and needed clothes that would allow me to feed my son whenever and wherever I was.  This may have seemed like a tall order, but that is where my No Brainer Uniform came from.

I'm working on being more real with you guys, and to me, nothing is more real than "I'm wearing the same sort of thing and it feels really good."  My goal with this blog is to help you feel great in your clothes and when you step out of the zone of "This is what I THINK I should be wearing." and start wearing what actually works everything shifts.  

Do you ever catch yourself with clothes in your closet that you aren't wearing but THINK you should be?  Comment below and let's start the conversation!   


With love; from my closet to yours, 


Photography: Melissa Hoffmann

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