The Art of Adulting

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Have you guys heard the term "adulting".  It essentially means you do something that an adult would do, but it doesn't come as second nature to you.  Some of my favorite examples of adulting: 

Buying throw pillows

Not wearing socks with holes

Having appropriate rain attire

Thinking about a well balanced meal

Anything involving taxes

Rebuying lotion, toothpaste or shampoo BEFORE it runs out

Setting your alarm and not hitting snooze

Cleaning your makeup brushes in a timely manner

Not forgetting your Credit Card at the bar four times in a month (I mean... I'm guessing... not like this happened to me or anything...)

The list goes on and on (and it's super fun so please chime in with some of your favs).   I'm sure by now you are thinking, "Sure Melanie, this game is a blast but I have NO clue WHY you are talking about this."  Ok, Ok, hear me out.  While I absolutely am an adult (that whole 32 year old mom of two thing doesn't really allow me to throw my responsiblities to the wind) I recently realized there were certain things that I've been doing since college and maybe it was time to start adulting.  

On a recent trip to New York I stayed in the home of a dear family friend.  When I was in her bathroom I couldn't help but notice her skincare products.  I instantly noticed a few trends.  

1) They were mostly the same brand.  It was a high quality company that she clearly trusted and loved.  I find that I have a tendency to not stick with brands long term but try a lot of new things out.  I'd like to find "my brands" and take some of the constant guessing "Is this going to work well?" out of the equation going forward.

2) She didn't have an abundance of anything but instead focused on the quality of the product.  If you are using something you love and that works, you don't need to have all that extra clutter lying around.  This is something I preach all the time and LOVED seeing a perfect example of it.  

3) She bought the larger size.  I tend to buy smaller sizes as to not have to commit.  But, if you know you are going to use something you can buy the larger size and save yourself a little cash in the long run.

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You may have heard me talk on the blog or in my online closet course The Confident Closet about something called The Beauty Basics.  The main principle behind The Beauty Basics is, if you are doing the right things for your hair, skin, nails, etc you are laying the foundation for a more confident self.  That's not to say I don't throw my hair in a top knot 3 times a week (who are we kidding 4), but that if my nails and eyebrows are done, chances are I'll feel better about the lack of time to get ready.  Everyones beauty basics are different, but it's important to identify what makes you feel like your best self, so you can put those things into a regular practice. 

So here I am, setting an easy "adulting goal" for myself in hopes to up my Beauty Basics game.  Oh, and because I believe their is strength in numbers and accountability there is a fun giveaway on my Instagram today as well.  But before I get into that, here is my goal.  In bold so that I don't chicken out (obvi).

Adulting Goal: To find skincare products that are made with ingredients I trust even if that means spending a little more money. I plan to find products that work and then stick with them instead of constantly trying something new. 

*HOH Tip - How organized are your makeup and skin care products?  We have a tendency to overbuy these items and then can't find what we actually want to use.  Since these items don't have a long shelf life it's important to use what you have and discard the rest.  Over buying these products will only make your morning routine overwhelming and it will take much longer if you can't find what you are looking for due to clutter.

*** Giveaway time!!!*** I'm picking a favorite to win a FREE Kiehls starter kit with a $75.00 value!  I want us to get on this "adulting train" together! What is one small adulting goal you can make for yourself?  Let me remind you that you can be 85 and make an adulting goal.  It's not really about your age or becoming an adult, but doing something with more care and responsibility (in the best way).  

The Rules:

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2) Comment with your adulting goal (which means you need to go to the blog and read the rest of the post!!!) under the picture of the Keihls giveaway. 

3) I'll be announcing a winner on Friday! You can enter up to 5 times (must tag a different friend each time!)

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