Combatting Outfit Envy

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I have dreams of:

Being someone who can rock a flowing, loose mumu like a Stevie Nicks goddess meets FIT student meets 6 ft tall model who walks like she's in heels even when she's in flats.  

I sometimes find myself thinking... "Maybe I can pull off a crop top".   

In my heart of hearts I want to get bangs a la Zooey Deschanel and rock the pastel hair trend like it's my job.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I've been noticing a trend lately and I want you to know that you are not alone.  

EVERYONE has outfit envy.

What is outfit envy you ask?  It's when you see someone wearing something that you loooooove, and then it doesn't happen to look the same on you.  Or, in this case... me.  Outfit envy can also be known as "a case of the super jellys" or "Why can't I pull that off-itis?". So what do you do when you find yourself having total outfit envy?  

1) Appreciate it. - What I've learned is that I can love and appreciate an outfit on someone else, and NOT get bummed that I can't wear it myself.  For some reason, when we try a new style on we can go down a shame spiral and get SO down on ourselves!  I encourage you to compliment this woman on her style (if it's someone on the street or in person).  Making her feel good about her killer clothes will give her a confidence boost as well as you.

2) Focus on what you love about your style. - Start to notice what makes your personal style unique.  Do you love your ability to wear bold colors?  Is your accessories game totally on point?  Do you have the most impressive scarf collection out of all your friends?  Give yourself a pep talk and focus on what makes YOUR style so freakin awesome.

3) Realize the grass is always greener. - Chances are that girl who has the cool Stevie Nicks style is having total outfit envy on your awesome curve hugging dress.  Like I said earlier, this is something all us girls go through. It works both ways!  

4) What do you REALLY love about her style? - Take a moment to think about what it is that you are REALLY into?  Is it the actual clothes?  Is it the feeling she exudes?  Is it her confidence when she walks down the street?  Think about aspects of her style that you actually can implement such as a print, or accessory etc.  

I know it can be a total bummer when you get caught with a case of "outfit envy-itis".  By taking the advice to not let it get you down, you are making a powerful mind shift.  What do you think?  Think you can appreciate a look on someone else and at the same time continue to feel good about the style you've been rockin?  Let me know your thoughts below!

With love; from my closet to yours,